Monday, December 28, 2009


Tea pot is a tea brewed in a clay pot and add the sugar cube. then taken with warm. tea taste very good because it can make the body warm. tea pot is very popular in Indonesia, especially the tegal, Slawi, Pemalang and Brebes.

Pot of tea made with tea (green) is mixed with the aroma of jasmine so typical. Pot is used usually not washed the inside and enough tea to be rid of the smell of tea in the teapot still be there and it can increase the typical tea.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Benefits of Tea

Benefits of Tea
Numerous studies have demonstrated the anti-cancer properties of antioxidant polyphenols. Some studies have suggested that tea's polyphenols may reduce the risk of gastric, esophageal and skin cancers, if one consumes 4 to 6 cups daily. Another study showed that just 2 cups of tea may lower the risk of ovarian cancer by 46 percent in women. Other studies have found that polyphenols help prevent blood clotting and lower cholesterol levels. One Japanese study found that .green tea loser death rates from heart disease

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Legendary originally of Tea enak

The story of tea began in ancient China over 5,000 years ago. According to legend, Shen Nung, an early emperor was a skilled ruler, creative scientist and encourager of the arts. His far-sighted edicts required, among other things, that all drinking water be boiled as a salutary precaution. One summer day while visiting a distant region of his realm, he and the court stopped to rest. In accordance with his ruling, the servants began to boil water for the court to drink. Dried leaves from the near by bush fell into the boiling water, and a brown liquid was infused into the water. As a scientist, the Emperor was interested in the new liquid, drank some, and found it very refreshing. And so, according to legend, tea was created. (This myth maintains such a practical narrative, that many mythologists believe it may relate closely to the actual events, now lost in ancient history.)